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About Kyla

Kyla Hallums is a traveling dance teacher, vocal coach, empowerment guide, and multi-discipline movement professional based out of Nashville, TN. While Kyla wears many hats and offers many forms of teaching and guidance, it’s simple: whether you’re working with her in dance, singing, embodiment, empowerment, or self-love, Kyla has a special way of connecting you to yourself. She’s put thousands of hours into her own training to curate a space to authentically help others uncover and celebrate their true selves. Kyla truly believes all the answers lie within you, and with the use of breath, movement, touch, self-reflection, and connection, Kyla has been a guide for many people, from learning dance moves to conquering lifelong fears and limiting beliefs. So who’s Kyla? A lover of social dancing, especially Salsa and Bachata. A singer. A human who’s as playful as she is brave. An absolute dork who loves laughing more than almost anything else. A joyful soul. But most of all, Kyla is someone who loves to watch others step into their power, conquer fears, and simply love themselves a little harder. 

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