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My background is in latin dance with a focus on salsa and bachata. However I also love working with people in general movement. One of my strengths is helping students find confidence in their body, their movements no matter the genre of dance. I'm comfortable working one on one, in small groups, and i have experience teaching very large groups as well. Head over to the "Their Stories" tab to hear from some of my students!!

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For years I had no idea how to love my body. I was constantly begging to have a different body and the thought of being grateful for my body was a pipe dream. After years of learning and unlearning, I finally figured out how to truly love my body. Embodiment coaching gives you a space to learn how to truly love the skin you're in. I use things like mindfulness, meditation, and movement to help us work through held emotions. On the other side of this work is freedom in your body that starts with unconditional love. Head over to the "Their stories" tab to hear from some of my clients. Embodiment coaching is perfect for one on one, or any size group. For larger groups email an inquiry!



I've been a professional vocalist for 9 years, and have sung on many stages all over the world. My skills lies in intonation, finding the emotion in your voice, and how to become a captivating performer. I've found that so many vocalists hold fear in their voices, and i love helping them uncover the empowered voice inside of them. I've worked with all ages privately and in group settings. I would love to help you, your children, or your singing group!! Head over to the "Their Stories" tab to hear from some of the people i've worked with!



I've worked with many wedding couples over the years! I found that sometimes the experience of learning how to partner dance for the first time while planning your wedding can be stressful! Its my intention to create a stress free environment for you and your fiance to learn how to move together. While learning a simple choreography to show off both of your personalities, and of course for your photographer to be able to snap a couple amazing dance photos! I love working with any all types of couples, at any dance level! Head on over to the "Their Stories" page to hear from some of my wedding dancers!

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