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Find Your Flavor Confidence Training

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Welcome to the 55-minute online confidence training! In this class, you’ll learn techniques to help you become more self-assured and feel more empowered. We will use movement and meditation to help you focus and deepen your connection to yourself. We’ll begin with a gentle stretching and breathing exercise to relax your body and mind. Next, we will focus on movements that will help you feel strong and secure in your body. You’ll gain tools to build your body awareness and help you become more mindful of how you’re feeling in the moment. After that, we’ll move into guided movement that will help you tap into your inner strength. You’ll learn how to focus on your breath and be mindful of how your body is feeling. This will help you build your confidence and become more aware of your feelings. All of this through the lens of Kyla's special way of guiding creates a beautiful environment for you to meet the most confident version of yourself.

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