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Kayla Laureano

Could I marvel about how awesome of a teacher Kyla is? Of course! Could I talk about how creative her choreo is? Duh! However that is not anywhere near what Kyla provides when you work with her.  Kyla provides her students with not only a safe space to dance but a safe space to express ALL OF YOU.  
I’m sure I’m not one of the only ones but I was high-key obsessed with Kyla’s dance style and confidence she exudes on the gram, I watched in awe for ages before making the jump to join her first ever virtual bachata team (my first ever class/team ever!).  The moment I turned on my laptop, connected with my team on Zoom and finally met Kyla… could say I was intimidated and excited all at the same time.  I was ready to start this crazy adventure during the middle of a pandemic all because of the energy Kyla had.  Each week, I felt myself wanting to not only to do my best when dancing but I felt myself being okay with embracing my vulnerable side (because we all know life ain’t rainbows and sunshine all the time) and this journey became so much more than just dancing online with new friends.  You can say I’m a Kyla fan because I joined her again and again with Salsa and Body Love x2, meeting beautiful souls that I cannot wait to met in person one day, learning new moves, shedding more layers of who I am…all because of Kyla.  Each of Kyla’s dance teams or classes and Body Love workshop will give you tools to prevail in life, build a support system with the focus being love, and you will have one hell of a time!
You will not be disappointed joining one of her classes whether it be dance or vocal, she is an amazing coach, an inspirational mentor, an open-minded healer, and just overall a beautiful soul put on earth for her to share her talents.  I’m so happy I put my faith in her and I would do it over and over again

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