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Alone in Antigua 🇬🇹

Hiiiiii. I am in beautiful Antigua, Guatemala in tears in a beautiful restaurant. I had a great day today, started out with a beautiful long massage and facial then went to these mountain pools (La finca del pillar) and it was lovely. All day I just felt this huge craving inside my spirit for romance, like I just wanted someone to make me a picnic and kiss my forehead and tell me I’m doing a good job. This feeling usually comes along at the end of an event of mine. I just finished my Empower retreat in Costa Rica it was amazing and I feel like I did my job really well. On the last day of the retreat after having been “on” and doing my thing that I love so much 24/7 for 9 days it’s like POOF. Everyone goes home and I’m left by myself in the airport. Of course I bring out my tools and I find gratitude and little ways to celebrate myself. Beyond that though is just this little longing in my heart to have someone to hold and see me in all my light. Honestly- I don’t know that I’ve ever actually experienced that in a romantic partner. I’ve been single a longggg timeee. A few little relationships here and there but nothing groundbreaking. I just would rather wait to meet someone that can really see me, than to waste my time on anyone’s insecurities.

Anywho, I made a reservation for one tonight at a beautiful restaurant here in Antigua. It’s a 12 course meal at a Michelin star restaurant and so far it is incredible. I can feel the table next to me feeling a little sorry for me that I’m alone looking so hot. Yes I got dolled up to take myself out on this date. It really is okay, I love taking myself out alone, I’ve been doing it a very long time. Even at the pool today there were soooo many couples and I was just chilling alone with my GoPro lol. I am a firm believer that no one should wait to live their lives just because they don’t have a partner. And sometimes I feel this longing. I feel that little

voice that comes in to tell me I’m not good enough or not yet worthy to have a loving partner. She’s usually quiet but every now and then she comes in. I feel like I’m just now working on rewriting that belief. I’m just now beginning to believe that I deserve someone who is equally as incredible as I am. I’ve always longed for that, but I’ve never worked on believing it for myself. I’m learning, so tonight we are romancing ourselves. 🩵

Anyway, I just wanted to show you this side too. I am living my best life, traveling, dancing, meeting incredible people, feeling so much love everyday, meditating, swimming, breathing, living, and so much more. It is such a gift and I am beyond grateful, AND these feelings can all exist at the same time. Cheers to calling someone in that is in alignment, and also cheers to enjoying the in between like I always have. 🩵

I did have a flirty little convo with this silver fox at the pool today, and I look hot tonight and I’m gonna walk the streets of Antigua like the bad bitch I am. But first I’m gonna shed a few tears into this Michelin star dinner 🤣

Life is a balance babes. Love you, mean it 🩵🩵


Join me on my next adventure. Super Earlybird is going on now for Costa Rica 2025 🇨🇷


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